Crown Capital Eco Environmental Management Indonesia

25 Jan

Jakarta Urgent Flood Mitigation Project/Jakarta Emergency Dredging Initiative Project (JUFMP/JEDI Project)
Flood incidences are perennial occurrences in Jakarta and have been increasing in severity during the past decade. The last big floods in February 2007 affected more than 2.6 million people, forcing 340,000 people to flee their homes. Over 70 people died and outbreaks of disease affected over 200,000 people. The estimated financial and economic losses from this event amounted to US$900 million. Inundations continue to occur under any sustained rainfall conditions. To improve Jakarta’s flood management system, this project will dredge selected floodways, canals and retention basins to improve their flow capacities and dispose dredge materials in proper facilities.
Thirteen major rivers flow northwards through Jakarta into the Java Sea. The 13 rivers, together with a large number of drainage channels, form the macro drainage system of Jakarta. Due to inadequate maintenance and poor solid waste management, there is significant sediment and solid waste build up in these channels. In addition, urbanization trends are central to the causes of floods in Jakarta which have led to the deterioration of several critical factors. The encroachment and/or development of critical catchment areas have resulted in both increased rainwater runoff and lack of natural storm water retention areas both within the city and in upstream areas of the catchment. Flood events in Jakarta are expected to become more frequent in coming years, with a shift from previously slow natural processes with low frequency to a high frequency process resulting in severe socio-economic damage.
The project will comprise of two components:

• Dredging and rehabilitation of 11 floodways and canals, and four retention basins identified as priority section of the Jakarta flood management system in need of urgent rehabilitation and improvement in flow capacities. The dredge materials will be transported and disposed into proper disposal sites. Where necessary, mechanical equipments (pumps, gates, etc.) will be replaced or repaired.
• Technical assistance for project management, social safeguard, and capacity building. This component will support contracts management, engineering design reviews, construction supervision engineers for the dredging and rehabilitation works and technical assistance. Technical assistance includes support to improve institutional coordination for operations and maintenance of Jakarta’s flood management system as well as the establishment of a Floods Management Information system.

Fifteen priority floodways, canals and retention basins in Jakarta will be included in the scope of the project. (Click for detailed map)
Bank Contribution
The Bank for Reconstruction and Development will contribute US$139.64 million and US$0.50 million bilateral grant while the Government of Indonesia will contribute US$49.71 million.
Toward the Future
The project will be implemented by Ministry of Public Works of Indonesia and the Government of Jakarta. It is expected to effectively start in May 2012 and completed by March 2017.
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  1. lynchevrolet January 25, 2013 at 7:18 am #

    If this is true, that would be a real shame for a company like them.

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